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Let’s Gist Series 5: A 2-hour meeting with Aliko Dangote or #10 Million

Hi, good afternoon, how are you?
It’s been a while since we talked about something. I am somewhat busy; lately, I am sincerely sorry
Today on let’s gist, we will be talking about a once a trending topic on twitter.  A few weeks back on twitter, there was a trending question that says, “Would you rather have a 2-hour conversation with Aliko Dangote or Accept #10 million”. Remember Aliko Dangote is one of the richest men in Africa too, he has a lot of orientations and experience, so the 2-hour meeting with him wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Aliko Dangote; Image Source:Google
Well, as for me it is a 2-way thing, I would rather accept the #10 million, set up a business with it, and work harder to make it flourish (So help me, God). But if having a 2-hour conversation with Aliko Dangote will secure me a lifetime Business Deal then I would gladly accept.
So here is the question, Would you rather have a 2-hour conversation with Aliko Dangote or Accept #10 Million?
Let’s gist in the comment section.
Thank you for reading my blog post
With love from Sanni Oluwatosin Rodiat (Ajokeonifaari)

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  1. Dangote! Dangote!! Dangote!!! still dey find money oo. Gimme money and leave person wey still dey find money alone.
    There are a lot of business out there one can invest in and get a huge profit God's willing.

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